A day of adornment

A little more about us:  

We spent the day on the hill,  under the trees and wrapped in block print. The block print journey is one that includes many hands, many hearts and not to mention a number of borders. Sourced in Jaipur, India from a family run business who we have worked with for over twenty years. Each pattern, be it homeware or garment, is hand picked with hours spent wandering through rooms that brim with color and pattern and heat until we find the ones that resonate. Designs are either sampled and altered or completely birthed from our own ideas; what follows is a complicated organization of fabric to garment that enables us to create beauty but be efficient. Its a labour of love, there is a lot of back and forth deliberation, hours powered by chai tea wading through cotton and viscose to find the perfect combination of pattern and fit.  





What makes block print so special is not just its saturated beauty and intricate designs, but that each piece is printed by hand. Each patterned purposively pressed, this gives it an unmistakable authenticity and charm. 







While the initial inspiration for our shop stemmed from the wanderlust of foreign cities and their intoxicating newness, richness and ultimately something beautiful partially because it was so different. Yet, it is becoming increasingly more important to us to not only support but represent our local wares. This includes: shoes, clothing, a wide range of natural beauty products, homeware and jewelry! South Africa has always been bountiful, and it would just be plain silly not to embrace and boast our incredible local talent. 



 An additional note on the local is lekker front: sustainability. Fashion and consumption is not an earth friendly activity. Therefor one must find ways to limit the damage that can be created when we shop. Shopping small, meaning businesses which are of a scale that they still have the control to produce limited quantities and thereby reduce pointless waste. We only make what we can sell, and there is nothing left behind.  Shopping locally is an additional avenue, and the sustainability achieved by sourcing local products has inspired and motivated an at home exploration of local creations.  



 Part of this locally sourced sustainable journey has been the addition of our Pantry to our Kalk Bay shop. The impetus behind this was to create a place where you can buy locally sourced food, but without the plastic. Bring your own containers/jars/whatever you have in the kitchen, lets refill and reuse instead of just adding to that plastic foot print. We also aim to keep the prices reasonable, as many organic products tend to edge their way up the expense ladder. So.. come refill your olive oil bottles, your rice jars, your pasta fantasies and delight in the most most delicious olives!




  That is all from us, hope to see you perusing soon!




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