Smelting to Sparkle: An Origin Story

Don’t you find that knowing where something comes from makes it that much more special? Jewelry is modern treasure, and we all have specific pieces that have a handle on our hearts. The pieces we turn to most often, the ones that we know will just work. That make us feel good. That have meaning melted into the silver, gold or stone. So where do they come from? Or more precisely, from who?
Collage of jewellery photographs, a mixture of silver rings and earrings.

For over twenty years we have been searching for pieces that feel special, and for much of that time we have had trusted friends who have time and time again guided us to beauty. Small businesses, who like us, started off as stalls on streets or trading in markets. Yet, with time, we have all grown into something established, still run by family, and still committed to creating quality through artful skill and hands on dedication throughout the entire jewelry fabrication process. 

So...let’s transport you temporarily to Jaipur! Situated in the heat and dust of northern India, the pink city of sterling silver where we source and produce the jewelry so many have come to love. In a workshop, with faces so familiar after twenty years, we sit and we plan. Powered by small cups of chai, pulling out our designs, and endlessly sifting through their ideas. Back and forth over pieces we like, pieces we love, pieces we find utterly wild but would actually wear.. until slowly, slowly we begin to form our final choices, the ones we simply just need to bring home with us.

 The jewellery fabrication process. The machines used to shape a thread of silver.  

Then it gets really exciting… because we get to see our creative process brought to life! Stones are carefully selected, the fiery ones slipped into our pile with child-like glee. And we watch…silver transformed from block to bangle within an afternoon. From smelting, to shaping, to filing, to setting, and all the intricacies in-between, all done by hand. The artisans allowed us to linger at their elbows, snapping photos, quietly admiring their work.

A jewellery workshop, men using files and hammers to set stones. 

We wanted to share it with you. It is rare these days to know where our things come from, not just a country but a community, a small business built by a family. In this current world, a society of shopping, where we can so easily buy and buy, there is a disconnect between something made by someone, and something bought and owned by someone else. We would like to reconnect those people, at least a little, and provide a window into where your precious pieces come from, from who, and highlight the appreciation for their skill, and in doing that the value of the ring, the pendant, the bangle you have bought.

 A selection of sterling silver jewellery.

So next time you slip on your favorite earrings, or absentmindedly fiddle with a ring, you can remember for a second: the quick skill, the practiced care, and essentially the human beings who were involved at every step of this small creation. Oh, and if you have not yet come to own one of our pieces, have a look at our online store… or come visit us in person! We would love to see you!

 A work station at the end of the day, empty.

A special thank you to all the wonderful souls who were so gracious to allow us to wander around and capture their work! 

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